Prototype for a Library

Spring 2015. Tatiana Saltos made a prototype for the Library of the Casa Ecuatoriana Nela Martínez Espinosa using Wordpress.

Mapping a film

Spring 2015. Taewan Shim used Odyssey.js to build an interactive map based on the film Diarios de una motocicleta.

Versioning Machine

Fall 2014. M. A. Ferracci built a small digital edition of the Sonet XXII of the Spaniard Garcilaso de la Vega using the framework created by Versioning Machine. He encoded the three versions in TEI, customized the XSLT stylesheet as well as the HTML and CSS.

Digital Edition

Fall 2014. L. Beck transformed part of a PhD Dissertation into a digital edition. She used XML-TEI to encode the text and the images, she created an XSLT transformation stylesheet and a simple HTML webpage.

“We are a community without borders. We are a multilingual and multidisciplinary community" (Manifesto for the Digital Humanities, 2010).”